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Analysis Of Journal Evaluation Criteria: A Model Study


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Academic journals play an important role in tracking current literature and accessing new information. Journal Publishing, which is a very rich field in terms of revealing very specific topics in different fields, occupies an important place in the field of social sciences. Although book-type publications in the field of social sciences seem to be at the forefront, ‘586 different printed/electronic (e) journals’ have been published from the past to the present in the general field of social sciences in our country. This increase in journal publishing brings with it some problems related to publishing. In order to correct these distressed situations in terms of ethics and publishing standards, it is important to determine the evaluation criteria of journals in the field of social sciences. For the collection of research data and journal lists a meeting was held with the T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism National ISSN Agency. The journal evaluation criteria of the National Directory (TR Index) and International Directories (Web of Science, Scopus) were examined, compared and a common ‘journal evaluation criteria model’ was established. As a result of the study, recommendations were put forward to improve the quality of electronic journals. According to the findings obtained as a result of the study, it was found that it is important to check where the studies that are important for the results of scientific research are published and indexed as well as what is described in their content and whether their quality meets measurable criteria. The ultimate goal is to establish a quality scientific publishing ecosystem in the academic world. In this way, poor quality publications can be prevented at national/international level and journal publishing can be developed in our country. From this point of view, the study can be brought into the literature as a guide.



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